Minggu, 15 Februari 2015

February Flowers

From top to clockwise: Hyacinth 'Jan Bos', XXL dahlia, Saint Paulia, Mini Japan Rose, Daffodil, Pink Chrysanthemum
From top to clockwise: White Hyacinth, Hyacinth sprout, spring bulbs in new office windowsill, three impatiens

Hyacinth 'Jan Bos'

White hyacinth

Japan Rose after rain
It's been a while I don't write down a post or just do blogwalking. I suddenly have to move to other office. I get the summons sudden duty to immediately move out to other office on February 2nd, around 40 km away from my recent office. I have just found a new house to stay this morning, a nice small house with front and back yard and.. water..! :)
I really miss my garden. Went to my new office for 40 km back and forth -80 km, the garden was sadly neglected. I could still capture some photos though I sometimes missed the best bloom. Move to a new house: packing and moving, xo xo.

My hyacinths are flowering, they look beautiful and are also scented. The Jan Bos and white ones, others are still in the fridge. I can have them bloom one by one, :)
Daffodils also give me their first blossoms. It is my first time ever growing spring bulbs and they just bloom!

And...... Tulip......! The Red XXL tulip blooms this morning. It is really spring here..:)