Minggu, 05 April 2015

Along The Way I went to Office (Nostalgic #1)

Here are some pictures I took before I moved to new office. There were many flowers along the roadside to office, selfsown and grew among the rocks. It was so nice to pass the road and took a look at them.


 Lantana, those shrubs grew lush and covered rockhills. Smelled weird but attracted many butterflies, formed small fruits in cluster. Local people used the leaves to feed their goats. The flowers were combination of pink, yellow, orange and white.

Putri Malu (Mimosa pudica)
 Have you ever touched this 'shy plant'? The compound leaves fold inward and droop when touched or shaken, to defend themselves from harm, and re-open a few minutes later. Malu-malu.

Japanese Glory Bower (Clerodendrum japonicum)
Gloriosa superba


 I passed that road everyday. Lands of green, songs of birds, beauty of flowers, and love from the people..

Those were the last harvest from the garden before I left. I brought some of plants with me but also left many. I left a lovely and beautiful place but keep it in my heart for the sweet memories I had there.