Jumat, 28 November 2014

What Rain Brings to Me


It is so nice that the rainy season has finally arrived. Bulbs are blooming, shoots are sprouting. Also the dried grass that grows back again after rains doused.

Sabtu, 22 November 2014

Building a Miniature Lettuce Raised Bed

It is very easy and simple to make a miniature vegetable raised bed.  Things I needed were ice cream sticks, wood glue, seeds, a square container and potting soil, also white sands for ornamental contrast. 

First, I make a layout on paper. Best lay out to ease the making is the same size of paper and container.


Fill the container with potting soil.

Cut sticks to appropriate size, assemble, and glue. Put on the soil. I sow the seeds on this stage. Please do not put too much seeds on each row or you will have to transplant the seedlings later.

Fill in the wooden stick bed with potting soil to cover seeds. Add white sands on to the outer layer and flush thoroughly. Avoid direct sunlight and water regularly.
You may sow various kind of lettuce on your bed and you will have a nice combination. Have fun with lettuce and beware, it is addictive! :)

Kamis, 20 November 2014

A Pretty Flower on The Lab Bench This Morning

I was glad to see something pretty on the lab bench this morning when I came in the lab. Yesterday, a friend put something sprouting on the bench. I didn't take the picture because I wasn't expecting anything on it. A pretty Kaempferia rotunda flower, sitting next to a microscope. Isn't it surprising?

Sabtu, 15 November 2014

November Flowers

Pink Mini Euphorbia
Unfortunately, I dont know the name. :)
Bicolor Japanese Rose
White Pearl
My everbloom pink rose
Gypsophilla Monarch White
Peach Mignon Dahlia
Peach Mignon Dahlia

Star Shaped Red Mignon Dahlia

Three different Red Mignon Dahlia
Yellow Poponna Dahlia
Orange Poponna Dahlia


African Crackerjack Marigold
Early November, weather was very hot and dry, 34 C at day and 30 C at night. We wish for rain. People are ready to sow the rice on their land, but rain hasn't came yet. 
Garden is dry, plants get drought at the midle of the day. The gardener forces them to grow on dry season. :). She waters the garden twice a day, xo xo.. The garden loves her and give her plenty blooms in such a hot and dry weather; Euphorbia, Roses, Gypsophilla, Begonia, Dahlia, and African Crackerjack Marigold.

The Gardener links this post to Garden Blogger's Bloom Day. You can find a lot of wonderful blooms from around the world. Have a look and enjoy them!

Jumat, 14 November 2014

Go To The Beach!

I went to a beach on Wednesday with friends. There are a lot of beach in Gunungkidul, white sand beach. We went to Drini. It is only 5 km away from my friend's house, Banjarejo, Tanjungsari, Gunungkidul, 22 km from Wonosari.
This beach has two rocks on the sides, right and left. Wind blows gently, we sit down at a gazebo, enjoy the beach, drinking 'Degan' or 'Kelapa Muda', young coconut water and having lunch. 

Young coconut taste smooth and sweet.

Beach cuisine: grilled fish, fried shrimp , sauteed Kangkung, sambel bawang.

Water level receded. It is different between when we have just arrived and two hours later (take a look at the first pict and the above one). We go down to the water! Sea weed can be seen through the clear water.

Local people harvest the seaweed and dry it under the sun.

A short story from the beach. Do you like to go to the beach?