Kamis, 15 Januari 2015

January Flowers

This January, dahlia is still dominating the garden. I never thought that I would have various colors of dahlia, especially the mignon ones. I only plant one pack of mixed-Mignon-Mischung-Dahlie and it gives me surprising colors until now. And gardening is always giving us surprise, isn't it? :)
Clockwise from top left : orange poponna dahlia, white mignon dahlia, pink mignon dahlia (I am not sure to say it is pink, it is actually pink to orange with a little shade of purple), another white mignon dahlia, -yellow to green- pink dahlia (oh I think I need a help to describe it correctly), pink poponna dahlia, white native 'Palaenopsis amabilis' and red poponna chrysanthemum. Middle: pink rose.

White aster, yellow poponna dahlia, another orange mignon dahlia, white rose and white mignon dahlia.

White rose bud, I love its frilled petal.

-Pink to orange with a little shade of purple- dahlia bud

-Pink to orange with a little shade of purple- dahlia

-yellow to green- pink dahlia

Red Poponna Chrysanthemum
Phalaenopsis amabilis
Phalaenopsis amabilis is native to Indonesia, one of Indonesia's National Flowers and named as 'Puspa Pesona'. The two others are Jasminum sambac and Rafflesia arnoldi. I'd like to thank to Mrs. Ana, for  this beautiful orchid.

I got a surprise this month! I was growing spring bulbs and now the grape hyacinth is blooming! A spring bulb is blooming in tropics, it is now spring in Yogyakarta.. Yayyyy....!! :). I will write about it, I promise.

Again, I am linking to wonderful Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day and Today's Flower . Many beautiful flowers from around the world there. I am also linking to I heart Macro

I dedicate this 'January Flowers' to a dear relative who celebrates the birthday on January 16th. Thanks for all your kind supports, Baarakallaahu fii umurik.. :)

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  1. Your dahlias are beautiful !!!! As are all your blooms!!! Happy gardening friend! Nicole

  2. Every bloom is exquisite! Thank you for sharing with Today's Flowers. Your photos are gorgeous. I wish you a very happy day!

  3. Fascinating! Congratulation, great spring bloom. I'm really jealous...:) your dahlias are so beautiful.

  4. What a wonderful selection of flowers - so lovely to see this colour while it's still winter here in the UK. Congratulations on getting your grape hyacinth to flower - I have a few of those coming up with my other spring bulbs, daffodils, tulips and snowdrops. PS I love your background photo to your blog, so very beautiful.

  5. Absolutely beautiful blossoms! Thanks so much for sharing the love up-close with I Heart Macro:-)

  6. Wah grape hyacinth sudah berbunga :D : punyaku belum, masih dingin, belum saatnya numbuh hehe. Btw sis keamren aku guggle blog garden directory ketemu blog mydreamsgarden, trus upload foto juga disana, hari ini mampir lagi ada fotomu juga sis :D .

  7. I love those Delilahs! They are so beautiful, they all are. Especially that bud, I hope there are more like it next month's bloom day. And what a surprise with that grape hyacinth! Are you expecting a lot of bulb flowers this year? Thanks for sharing these beautiful flowers!

  8. What a treat to see all these colorful blooms! We're in the dead of winter here in the Midwest U.S., so I appreciate seeing this color. You have a beautiful collection of dahlias!

  9. surely your garden looks so cheerful with dahlia blooming in varies of colours..

  10. Dahilias are so beautiful and so is every bloom in your garden

  11. Hi Hari, wow! Your dahlias are amazing! Isn't it fun to plant a mixed pack of something and then wait and see what colours you get - so exciting :) I'm also amazed to see your muscari - I've definitely never had those in flower at the same time as dahlias. I see you have a range of other spring bulbs in pots - good luck with those! Hope you have great results and a range of wonderful flowers :)