Senin, 08 Desember 2014

Harvest Monday

Parsley, Costuloto Tomato, Red Fire Lettuce and Brassica's Sucker Branch.

Curly Mustard

Costuloto Tomato
Sucker Branch on Brassica
For this monday harvest, I pick parsley, Costuloto Tomato, Red Fire Lettuce, Curly Mustard and Brassica's sucker branch. The parsley got water logged and some of them rot. Heavy rain along the week and I forgot to protect them from rain. Oh, so sorry.. :( 
Curly Mustard look so crunchy, they have not been on their best appearence yet but are so tempting now and I just pick some of the leaves.
A neighbor gave me Brassica seed which I am not sure it was, Broccoli, Kailan or other. It grows lush in the garden and also gives me plenty of sucker branches. Assumed it is broccoli, I have to pick the sucker branches.
These sucker branches  look so fresh, been thinking about to cook them. Representing my curiosity of these plants because its leaves grow thrives, green and wide. Tempting! Cooked with chopped garlic, a pinch of groounded pepper, salt and mixed with sweet corn, chopped parsley and beaten egg, it finally gives me a simple yummy dish, Orak-arik. 

Harvest Monday is hosted by Daphne on her blog Daphne's Dandelions. Thanks, Daphne. :)

6 komentar:

  1. Assalam Hari.. wah lumayan harvestnya.. all your vegies sangat subur esp tomato itu..

    1. Wassalaamu'alaykum Kak Mar,
      terima kasih banyak, setelah hujan turun Hari tak perlu siram mereka, dan mereka jadi lebih subur. Alhamdulillah..

  2. Wow! You are a great photographer. The tomato must be delicious.

    1. Not so.. xo xo... Thanks.. :)
      This tomato taste good, pretty good and easy to grow.

  3. Salam.

    Kau tanam ke semuanya? Whoa! Bagus sekali! Thumbs up!

    1. Terima kasih banyak Kak Honey.. Ya, tanam sendiri, tapi sekarang banyak dimakan ulat, :)