Selasa, 15 Juli 2014

July Flowers

This July, the weather was a little erratic. It supposed to be  dry season here, but the last two weeks it is sometimes cloudy, drizzle and in these last three days heavy rain doesn't stop. We are happy to get rain water and don't need to  water the garden, but for plants that are not too fond of water I am afraid  they will rot.
From the sudden rain, I get some bulbs flowering, Zephyranthes and Amaryllis. They are supposed to flower in November or December, when the dry season is over.

 Pink Zephyranthes


Last month, I planted some roses, and they give me their flowers this month! I am not so sure about their name. I bought them at Pasty with Rp 5000,00 each plant, very cheap. I bought 6 plants and two of them are now  flowering.

Red Candy Rose. People usually call it 'Mawar Batik' because of its stripped pattern.

Pink Holland Rose bud. 

I have posted about Javanese dish named Gudhangan which one of the ingredients is Kancu (Bauhinia tomentosa) here, it is a medium shrub or a small tree that can grow up to 4 m in height. The leaves are divided into two lobes, like butterfly wings. People usually plant Kancu as land border, they also take the leaves to feed their farms.

 Pink Bauhinia tomentosa's buds

It's blooming! And you can see banana trees at the back. They are setting fruits. 

Another edible shrub is Poinsettia. People here call it 'Kembang Racun', racun means poison, and its young leaf is edible, edible poison, xo xo..


My Evening Sun Sunflower is blooming this morning! I love the two different colors on its foliage.

I grew dahlia tubers on February and they just rot, and then I grew dahlia from seeds. After several failures, I finally get them bloom. And here they are...

Dinnerplate dahlia

 Before and after rain exposure. This one is grown from cutting.

What are blooming now in your garden?
I am linking up to Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day. It is my first opportunity to link my post, have a look to see flowers in bloom from all around the world!

6 komentar:

  1. Your flowers look great Hari! Especially the dahlias, congrats on getting them to grow from seed! They are rewarding you now. Our weather in NZ in July has been unusual too - it's been warm and almost springlike! However it's meant to get really cold tomorrow so winter isn't over yet. It's meant I have lots of flowers in bloom for Bloom Day though!

    1. Hi Ruth.....
      I'd like to thank to all your supports, I learned much from you...

      Why does the weather go unusual anywhere?
      Happy GBBD, Ruth. Greetings from the garden for you, :)

  2. Amarilis dan zephyranthesnya segar banget. Amarilisku lg ngambek berbunga.

    1. Terima kasih Bu Endah... karena hujan yang turun tiba-tiba di musim kemarau mereka jadinya malah berbunga.
      Mungkin Amarilis Bu Endah massih dorman,

  3. Hello and thank you for commenting on my blog. Your flowers are beautiful. I especially like your roses. Sounds like the weather is a challenge where you are as well!

    1. Hi Diane...thanks..
      the unusual rain has stopped and it goes dry again here. And yes it is challenging. Thanks for stopping by my blog..