Rabu, 02 Juli 2014

Blooms in June

In June, some flowers in my garden are blooming. Yay.... ! Although there is some of that from May have started flowering and growing number of petals that bloom in June. These African Violet ' Lipstick ' and ' the Alamo ' Frills on top. Are Pink African Violet ' Cushion ' new this June bloom.

Red and salmon gladiolus are blooming. I  make a flower arrangement with the salmon gladiolus.

 My Red and Stripped Euphorbia

I put Red Balsamina Impatiens flowers in a bowl of water and I really love the bright red color it has.
 This June my Red Balsamina Impatiens are still flowering but had still not as much as in last May and I have started harvesting the seeds to be planted again. Yay ... ...!

 The Sunflower says 'Good morning!'.

Have a great week everybody!

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