Minggu, 13 Juli 2014

Rainy Sunday

 The weather is a bit weird lately. It should be dry season here, means rain no longer comes but rain often comes in this last two weeks and days often get cloudy and very cold. This Sunday, rain falls down during the day and night, just like the rainy season. 

Eventhough it is weird, people are happy for the ‘extra’ rain. Their water storage is getting empty and the rain gives them sufficient water to save into the water storage. Free, they do not need to purchase water from water tank at least for next  couple days.

Water storage

People collect the rain water into chamber or whatever they have. 

I just stay home all day long, making pineaple jam and nastar.

Pineaple jam


What do you do when the rain comes?

4 komentar:

  1. Same here on the other side of the world. We had few weeks no rain and waited for water. Now we have enaugh and people without garden are not very pleased. I am glad, my water storages are full again and the plants feel better. The only Problem are the red snails. They all over.
    Have a nice week, greatings from Germany from Marie

    1. Hi Marie..
      Thank you for stopping by my blog..
      The snails and slugs are also problem here, during rainy and dry season, they are annoying.
      I think we are gardener should pay attention to keep the world green. Earth is getting tired, ;)
      Have a nice week Marie...

  2. Hujannya merata ya, sudah semingguan ini hujan terus tiap sore. Bahkan tiga hari terakhir hujan sepanjang hari, non stop.

    1. Berarti di mana-mana musim memang sedang tidak seperti biasanya ya..
      Sama Bu, jadi sudah hampir tiga hari hujan terus, semoga tanaman tidak bacek, beberapa pot diperuntukkan untuk musim kering yang sangat kering tiba-tiba diguyur hujan deras beberapa hari.